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Installation Shot of Acorn Centerfold
Installation Shot of Acorn Centerfold

A trace is a mark (here and now) of something else (not-here and not-now). Its whole meaning is to be the result of something else, to point beyond itself, to have its origin elsewhere. With a trace, one is at least reminded of a track, a previous mark. The trace is an *irreducibly complex structure of presence and absence. (Derrida term)

Always returning to a consideration of the dynamics of relationship, “Don’t Slam the Door” merges aspects of daily experiences, of physical and sensory relationships with a self-effacing reflection on being an embodied human in this world.
I want the work to hold space for the contemplation of these ideas to be witnessed.

I inherited my 2nd cousin’s scrapbook. It has long horizontal black pages where she gathered and arranged pictures as images by cutting them into awkward, yet specific, shapes on the pages. Her scrapbook is an eccentric history suggesting a place not overdetermined, not instrumentalized: a gritty place: funny, scary, playful and fiercely particular, in other words real. These scrapbook pages navigate the spidery, dissonant relationships that construct a person and a culture.