I am interested in places of seepage (between language, bodies, and relationships) from a physical and psychological position. The drawings and related work offer glimpses into the body’s animal nature of messiness, malleability, fluidity and inexactness. I like the places of contradiction that drawing offers in this investigation. Drawing is utilitarian yet intimate; physical and delicate. I like the idea that drawing encompasses possibilities that are not limited to or by specific materials. In other words, there is a conceptual openness in how a mark can be imagined. In this way, drawing itself mimics the idea of seepage. I want to make art that considers the distinction of this blur, this seepage. How can I alter the body in the process of its connections to other things? What are animal capacities, desires, or powers? To become animal is to be drawn into a zone of action or passion—that is to exist as animal by learning new emotional habits and responses. I use the work as places of imagined commentary on the difference and multiplicity of the body and on questions of skin, language, and place.

Kristi Hargrove