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Sending This To Nowhere
Sending This To Nowhere
digital print

The work in Sending This to Nowhere is a collaboration with Bahar Yurukoglu (Istanbul, Turkey). Early in the collaboration, Bahar and I committed to a correspondence solely through writing. With over 40 emails exchanged, the medium of language became the content as our conversations extended into tangents including the pivotal role of place and landscape, personal struggles and family histories, process, humor, sound and intuited realities.

My grandmother (Meme) was an attic painter, a fact unknown to me until after her passing. I have had her painting of a blue landscape in my studio for years and have spent countless hours staring at it.

I scanned the blue landscape.
I converted the scan to a text file.
I embedded our email conversations within the text file.
I converted the entire thing back into a jpg image.

The images in this collaboration show the potential for language to open, change, reflect, and distort.